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 Logo, Corporate Identity or Brand?

Confused? People often do confuse the process of creating a Logo, with creating a Corporate Identity or even Brand, I shall explain...

Logo: Generally speaking a standalone symbol, symbol with typographic elements or just typography is a Logo. Good examples are the Nike 'Tick', the Starbucks Coffee or even the Disney logo.

Corporate Identity: This is taking that logo, creating a look, a defined style that is balanced, strong, memorable & stretches across all media keeping a consistent look & feel. Think McDonalds, it's the style of the logo, the way it's applied to the buildings, uniforms, consumer food containers.

Brand: Your Logo & Corporate Identity taken to the next level, given an ethos, a meaning, a key message. It can reach customers in a way that should on some levels evoke an emotional response if done correctly. Think Apple or John Lewis.


But it doesn't have to be just print; it can be purely digital, either way it is the process of producing anything from a simple business card to a brochure, a piece of packaging right up to exhibition banners & billboard signage.

This can take your simple Logo; expanding its presence into Corporate Identity items, promotional items & creating more tools for you to have at your disposal, to promote your business.

Print management

I have years of experience in buying and managing print for a variety of clients. I pride myself in being great at managing print projects from the very inkling of an idea right through to the finished article. I have a network of well trusted local printers to choose from, all with their own strengths & dedication to quality.


A web presence is key in our digital age, something slick but functional that works across devices with ease.

Quality at a great price...

I offer high quality web development for non-commerce & brochure sites, but if ecommerce or PPC is your aim I can put you in touch way a host of local experts who will be ready to help further.

I always include 2-3 design idea's/concepts, so that before the build, you will see some key idea's to take forward & develop your favourite into something perfect for you.

The latest web sites I build are fully responsive meaning that they easily flow from device to device whether that be iPhone, tablet or desktop display, making the whole experience as intuitive as possible.

Prices generally start at £499 for a 5-7 page, google analytical, content manageable site with face-to-face tutorial on how to use it.